If a lounge is available for allocation, the Student Life Committee (SLC) will instruct the offices of Student Engagement and Residence Life and Housing to inform all eligible student organizations of the Lounge Allocation Process. When utilized, the process is as follows:

  • Student organization completes a Lounge Allocation Application.
  • SLC will review all applications each organization will be assessed on past contributions to the academic, intellectual, cultural and social purposes of the University community, future contributions, and understanding and utilization of the Campus Life strategic directions.
  • SLC will inform all applicants of lounge allocation decision.
  • Successful organization(s) will work with Residence Life and Housing to develop plans for moving into the space, customizing the space, and understanding facilities obligations and usage.
  • All allocated lounge spaces and the assigned student organizations are subject to periodic inspection of the space(s) as well as the Triennial Review/Expectations for Excellence